Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Tuesday Training (27.3.18): Koshi-Jime, Kaha-Ha-Jime & Yoko-Tomoe-Nage

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On Tuesday, we worked on two strangles. The first one was Koshi-Jime. It's called a hip strangle because it involves using the hips to apply pressure when applying the technique.

Koshi-Jime is very common and popular because the situation to do this often presents itself in competition. It's the perfect counter to a failed drop seoi-nage (and lots of people do drop seoi-nage in competition).

After that, we worked on Kata-Ha-Jime which can be transitioned into from Koshi-Jime. It's a very powerful strangle those less common than Koshi-Jime.

For tachi-waza, we revisited yoko-tomoe-nage. This is a technique that requires finesse and takes quite a lot of time to master. It took me years, literally, to successfully incorporate it into my repertoire.

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