Monday, March 12, 2018

Judo Fundamentals Training - Dry Run

The training sessions at KL Judo have always been competition oriented and our mission has always been to build up a strong competition team. That is still our focus and our goal. But now that we have teamed up with Muayfit Damansara Perdana, we are also looking to popularize judo to a wider audience, which could include practitioners of other martial arts as well as recreational players.

We are scheduling Tuesday nights for our Judo Fundamentals Training class. Through this class, absolute beginners can learn the basics of judo, starting from break-falls and forward rolls to basic principles behind the popular techniques in newaza and tachi-waza. And of course each class will end with a little bit of randori. There's always got to be randori, even for beginners otherwise judo would be no fun.

We have no idea how much demand there would be for a class like this. Theoretically there should be some interest because over the years there have been people from other martial arts asking for judo training and there have also been people who didn't want to compete but wanted to do judo purely as a recreational sport.

That doesn't mean this class isn't suitable for those interested in competition. It's not really a beginner's class as much as a fundamentals class where the core principles behind judo techniques are taught. As such it would also be suitable for competitors who are keen on grading or improving their fundamentals.

We plan to launch this class very soon but before that we will have a dry run. Tonight we are having a private session with two very special guests. We will also have a few other players on the mat, including some members of the competition team and some members of the Muayfit management. I will be joined by Nigel who will be on hand to provide guidance and instruction.

This session is not open to the public as it is just a dry run but if you are keen to see what this class is like we will be livestreaming it tonight at 9pm.

"Judo" is defined as a way to optimally utilize the powers of both body and mind. The purpose of Judo training is to teach physical and mental discipline through the practice of attack and defense, leading to an understanding of the essence of the way. One thus attains completion of self, and contributes to the wellbeing of society at large.

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