Thursday, March 15, 2018

Sunday program (18 March, 2018)

Straddling Sankaku
Last Sunday, we worked on juji-gatame. This Sunday, we will return to sankaku. We need to do more drills for both yoko-sankak and reverse sankaku until muscle memory sinks in. But to make the session more interesting I will introduce one new sankaku technique, which I call "straddling sankaku" which is done when you are riding on top of uke who is in a turtle position. This is not a very commonly-seen technique but it's worth knowing.

After we have learned "straddling sankaku" we will do some drills on both yoko and reverse sankaku.

Before we work on tachi-waza technique, we will do some "newaza to tachi-waza" drills again. This is to acclimatize our players to the new IJF ruling that aims to lessen the "matte" breaks in a competition. From now on, judo will be more flowing, from standing to ground and ground to standing.

For technique, I will teach a special variation of ouchi-gari called "whirling ouchi" which is used most notably by Lien of Taiwan. Double World Champion Udo Quellmalz of Germany also does a variation of the whirling ouchi.

We will end with randori. Hopefully can get an hours' worth of randori before time is up.

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