Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sunday Competition Training (11.3.18)

A happy bunch of judo players
Newaza Training
We got things started straight away by practicing juji-gatame rolls and arm straightening drills. Then, we spent some time on Ecky-gatame, the hold down done from a juji-gatame situation.

We usually start with watching video clips related to what we'd be working on that afternoon
I start by demonstrating the technique
Then I guide the players
Making sure they get all the principles right

Tachi-Waza Training

For tachi-waza, we didn't have enough time to work on techniques so we just worked on transitional drills (newaza to tachi-waza). The video below is self-explanatory.


Lastly, we had randori. It was very free-flowing with a lot of throws being done.

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