Sunday, March 18, 2018

Side Takedown & Black Panther Sankaku (March 18, 2018)

We normally start our Sunday sessions with newaza but I turned things around a bit this time in order to give the players some variety in their training regime.

So, we started off with Side Takedown, which is an extremely popular competition technique largely developed in Europe. Not many Japanese do this technique although it's a specialty of Takato (JPN).

I had the players work on the mechanics of the technique. Then I got them to work on securing the grip for it, which is not easy. Lastly, I had them to a "Side Takedown" randori where the only technique they could do is "Side Takedown".

After short break we did some work on "Straddling Sankaku", a version of which can be seen being done by T'Challa in the Black Panther movie. This is a completely new Sankaku for  the players but many of them managed to get it working quite fast.

Next week, I'm gonna show them another Sankaku from the movies: the "Lethal Weapon Sankaku" (Mel Gibson did in that movie).

As usual, we ended randori -- a full hour's worth. What a tiring workout it was. But very fulfilling. Our next training is Tuesday. It's actually designated as a Judo Foundations Class but if no beginners show up, we'll just do randori.

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