Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Tuesday night's all right for fighting...

Two new players showed up on Tuesday night. Although it was their first judo class, they did randori with us because we are that kind of club. They loved it and say they will be back on Friday and Sunday.

Tuesday night is supposed to be "Judo Fundamentals" night but the people who have been showing up are mostly competitive-spirited fighters so we are using Tuesdays for randori now.

Of course not the entire session was for randori. We spent about 30 minutes doing some drills: some newaza drills and some gripping drills. Then we moved on to the main event of the night: randori, which lasted about one hour

Two new players, Omar and Edwin, decided to give judo a try. Both are competitive-minded so we threw them into the deep end and had them do some randori. Of course I paired them with experienced players who could take care of them.

Relying just on their basic instincts and their athleticism, they were able to grapple and hold their own. It was an impressive performance by two athletic new members, who are a welcome addition to the team.

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