Sunday, February 19, 2017

Upcoming competitions

March 11 & 12
Senior Nationals in Terengganu

May 13, 14, 15
Terengganu International

July 13 -16
Bali Open (Indonesia)

July 23
Penang Judo Championships

August 21 & 22Junior Nationals in Perak

December 2 & 3
Fescom in Penang

Singapore training trip

Videos of our recent trip to Singapore where we trained with our friends from The Dojo

Friday, February 17, 2017

Thursday's Training (16.2.17)

We did a lot of newaza drills on Thursday.

Just because you've straightened someone's arm doesn't mean you can easily get a submission. We did drills where we asked uke to resist with a straightened arm while tori carefully tried to gain a submission. 

What do you do when you can't even straighten the arm in the first place? You can always do the Ecky-Gatame or English Hold Down, which allows you to get an osaekomi while at the same time be in a position to straighten the arm should uke let go of her grip and begin to turn out. We did lots of drills on that.
We see this situation quite often, where uke is on her front and tori basically steamrolls uke over and pins her. The best way to escape this situation is for uke to voluntarily roll away from tori once she realizes that there's no more stopping the steamrolling action. Instead of being roll over onto her back, she does an over-roll towards her left to end up on her front.
Nesu, Alvinc & Jia Yi... taking it easy after class.

On Thursday, we have two simultaneous sessions going on: the beginner's recreational class and the competition training class. Luckily the dojo's big enough to accommodate both.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Tuesday's Training

Warm Up Drills

1. Korean Wave drill
2. Pushing Out drill
3. Keeping Down drill
4. Groundwork Tackling drill

Newaza Skills Drills

1. Alligator Roll into Hold Down
2. Alligator Roll into Juji-Gatame
3. Koshi-Jime


1. Newaza Randori
2. Shiai-Style Randori
3. Piggy-Back Randori

Sunday, January 8, 2017


This coming week, we will work on Osoto-Gari:
i) Ai-Yotsu Osoto (same stance)
ii) Kenka-Yotsu Osoto (different stance)
iii) Ippon-Osoto (done from an ippon-seoi-grip)

For newaza, we will continue to work on the Neil Adams' armlock
i) the roll
ii) arm lever (to straighten the arm)
iii) Ecky-Gatame

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Masterclass Techniques: Newaza

Alongside the 24 Tachi-Waza techniques I'll be teaching for the rest of the year (on Tuesday nights), I will be teaching the following 24 Newaza techniques.

I will show the basics together with competition variations, and where possible, combination attacks. Effective defenses and escapes for these techniques will also be taught.

1.    Kesa-Gatame
2.    Yoko-Shiho-Gatame
3.    Kami-Shiho-Gatame
4.    Tate-Shiho-Gatame
5.    Arm Trap Roll
6.    Matsumoto Roll
7.    Fallon Roll
8.    Kata-Guruma Roll
9.    Lapel Grip Roll

10.    Hadaka-Jime
11.    Okuri-Eri-Jime
12.    Kataha-Jime
13.    Gyaku-Juji-Jime
14.    Koshi-Jime
15.    Sode-Guruma-Jime
16.    Ashi-Jime
17.    Trap Choke

18.    Ude-Garami
19.    Juji-Gatame

20.    Yoko-Sankaku I
21.    Yoko-Sankaku II
22.    Sankaku from Below
23.    Straddling Sankaku
24.    Huizinga Roll