Sunday, March 25, 2018

Super Sunday class

Warm ups are usually boring affairs but not at KL Judo. We like to play judo games instead. Yesterday we played the Zombie newaza game which is always popular because it requires teamwork and strategy. It's damn fun (and tiring too).

For newaza, we revised the "Black Panther" sankaku used by T'Challa in the movie of the same name. Then, we worked on the "Lethal Weapon" sankaku used by the Mel Gibson character in the movie of the same name. Most players got it down quite well.

For tachi-waza, we worked on three related techniques: Ogoshi, Koshi-Guruma, Soto-Makikomi. I got each of the players to do uchikomi followed by nagekomi on the crash pad. Since we have only one crash pad everyone had to share. It worked out well though.

Finally, randori. A full hour's worth. We started off with motodachi, having some senior players out front for three consecutive randoris before changing. This one included newaza. Then we move on to free randori where everyone just paired up and sparred with each other. This one involved standing only.

We had a great turnout with 21 players on the mat, although three had to leave a bit earlier.

Our biggest turnout yet with 21 people on the mat (three are not in the picture as they had to leave early)

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