Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Amber Chia's 1st Judo Lesson

I've known Amber for more than a decade and I've been asking her to try out judo for years but she never got around to doing it. When we re-opened our dojo at a new location, I told her about it and to my surprise, she decided it was time for her to give judo a try.

Everyone was impressed at how well she took to judo. It usually takes beginners a long time to learn how to breakfall and forward rolls but she was able to pick these up quite fast. When it came time to do newaza (kesa-gatame) and tachi-waza (ogoshi and osoto-gari), she managed to learn those very quickly too, so much so that one of our instructors, Nigel, was sure she had done judo before. But she says no. I'll take her at her word. I guess she's a natural. She even managed to do a bit of randori. Not bad for a first timer!

Watch the video, be impressed and enjoy!

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