Sunday, April 1, 2018

Another Strong Sunday

Our club grew by one person today as Mia joined our team. We appreciate everyone who wants to train judo with us.

Because we are a club comprising mainly working adults and university students our strong training days tend to be Sundays because weekday trainings are harder for many of our members to attend.

This Sunday is the second strong one in a row that we've had. By strong, I mean we managed to get a lot done in the three-hour time limit that we have set for Sunday's classes. In the past, we were not very good with timing and sometimes a newaza session would last so long that it would bleed into the time we had allocated to tachi-waza. As a result we wouldn't get that much tachi-waza done. That's happened quite a few times already and obviously something had to change. It wasn't practical to extend the time further so we had to change the structure of the class.

Also, the composition of the team was continually evolving with some players having been with us for a while and some new ones joining along the way. A one-size-fits-all training program wouldn't work as different players have different needs.

To improve things, the first thing we did was to become stricter about starting on time and finishing each segment (newaza, tachi-waza, randori) on time. The second thing we did was to segment training into "group technical training" and "personalized training" sessions.

For the group technical session, we worked on only one standing throw and one groundwork move. For personalized training, I paired up players according to size and experience level to work on two specific throws that were suitable for them.

Unfortunately there was not enough time to do personalized training for groundwork. Hopefully next week we are able to fit this into the training program because it is important that players have their own personalized newaza plan as well.

As usual we ended the class with randori, and everybody fought until we were all completely spent. Exhausted faces is a good sign that the players had a fulfilling randori session!

We train hard but we play hard too!

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