Sunday, April 8, 2018

The sky's the limit

The odds were heavily stacked against us succeeding. Judo is not a popular sport in Malaysia. We aren't a government-funded club. We don't have a sponsor or benefactor supporting us. All we had was the courage of our convinctions that if we teach judo with a totally modern approach and really care about the growth and progress of our players, we can make it work.

We do things very differently at KL Judo -- not for the sake of being different but because we truly believe there are much better ways for judo to be taught and practiced than the way it was taught in the 1960s. Unfortunately, many judo clubs around the world still practice judo as if it were the 1960s. We can do much better than that. And we must do if want people to enjoy training in judo.

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Since judo is not very popular in Malaysia, players don't get that much exposure to top-level judo. Video is very important for exposing them to what's happening in the world of judo. That's why we installed a TV in the dojo. We also use a whiteboard extensively, not just to teach beginners names of judo throws but to map out strategic moves and drills.

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Fostering and maintaining the right dojo culture is crucial to the longevity and success of the club. We are very fortunate to have our current crop of players who like to train hard and enjoy their judo. They form the foundation of the club and ensure that the culture of the club doesn't get eroded.

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We are patient and are prepared to grow the club organically. However, it is also a good thing to spread judo to schools and universities. We are doing just that with Sunway University where we will be providing instruction for the judo club there.

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There are many more things we want to achieve in the near future. It's taken us some time to get to where we are but now we're at a stage of exciting growth with many more ideas, concepts and programs to explore. Come fly with us!

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