Saturday, April 28, 2018

Growing in tandem

KL Judo in its current form is two months old and going into our third month. Most of our players followed  us when we moved out of Cheras and into Damansara Perdana although it wasn't necessarily any nearer for most of them (and in some cases it's further than Cheras).

It was inevitable that some would not follow and also that some would drop out after the first month. That natural churn is only to be expected. But the important thing is that most followed us, proving that our methodology and system is good for them.

In the past two months, we've also picked up some new players, some of whom are absolute beginners but who are very keen, which is great. We currently have 20+ players. When we hit 30 regular members, that would be a great milestone for us.

At Sunway, we already have nearly 20 players although most are absolute beginners. That's pretty damn good considering we have just been doing this for half a month. What's interesting is that once we get someone to try out judo in one of our classes, they invariably stay on. Again, that goes to show how good our system is.

The challenge, I feel (whether it's with KL Judo or Sunway Judo) is getting people to try in the first place. Once they try it, they'll like it. My milestone for Sunway Judo is also 30 regular members. I think we'll get there (target milestones) for both KL and Sunway Judo sooner rather than later.

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