Monday, June 8, 2015

The KL Judo Way

When I decided to form KL Judo with Lim, I wanted to do something different from what is available out there. My judo competition training experience has been from the West not the East. As such, my style of judo play is very European in nature and my training approach has a more European approach to it. I'm not very traditional at all when it comes to competition training.

My approach to training my players can be considered three-pronged:
(i) technical
(ii) drills
(iii) randori.

The technical bits are not based on traditional textbook judo but on what is really happening in competitions. That is why we use video a lot as a teaching aid. I make a point to show my players actual competition footage of techniques that I teach them.

I believe very strongly in drills. I don't believe in uchikomi and only employ it sparingly. For certain techniques, it's useful to do uchikomi but for most techniques, you might as well straight away do throwing practice rather than just loading up your partner and letting them go. So we have crash pads to allow our players to do lots of throws with full force.

For newaza, we do situational drills where we break techniques down and simulate competition situations. For example for armlocks we have player do drills trying to keep their opponent down. Then we have them do drills trying to roll their opponents. Then trying to straighten their arms. And so on.

We also do situational drills. For example we train our players how to react when they are pushed to a corner at the edge of the mat. We do lots of gripping drills. How to impose a grip. How to break a grip. How to deal with certain grips. So, yes we do lots and lots of different types of drills.

Lastly, we do lots of randori. You have to do lots of sparring to get good, so we always put aside ample time for players to spar. One of the biggest problems many players face is the lack of randori partners. This is a problem in many clubs around the world. At KL Judo we are very fortunate that we have enough members that our players always have enough partners to train with.

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