Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday 7/6/15 Session (Elite Personal Training)

Some of my players wanted extra training on Sunday so I met up with them for a light, technical practice.

The juji-gatame roll is not so easy to learn. It's not rocket science either. It just takes a lot of practice to get the hang of it. I got my players to do lots of drills rolling their partners onto their backs.

Cherylynn, who is 15, has developed quite a good feel for the roll. She didn't know how to do it so well before but by Sunday's training she could do it quite well. Personal training makes a lot of difference. Clinton, one of the players who attended the session, said the same thing. He understood the mechanics of the movement better after attending the personal training.

I also got the players to practice the Matsumoto Roll. Here, you can see Clinton doing it on Andy.

I initially thought of having the practice as a purely technical session but since the players seemed up for it, I asked them to do a bit of newaza randori. Here you can see Suan Wah (12) trying to armlock Cherylynn (15).

For tachi-waza, I taught them yoko-tomoe-nage. I highlighted how this throw is usually done from a kenka-yotsu (opposite stance) position.

Andy executes a fine example of yoko-tomoe-nage. Good to have an old hand like him around to help with the training. Andy's a really safe, technical player.

After that, it's side takedown. The kids really liked that throw.

We end with a light randori. Pretty good practice lasting about two hours. Everyone left feeling quite satisfied with what we achieved during our Sunday night extra training.

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