Monday, June 8, 2015

Monday 8/6/15 Session (Competition Training)

We had a special guest today: Wei Leong from Penang who happened to be in town. We gave him a big KL Judo welcome that he would never forget!

A true sport, Wei Leong went along with the High Intensity Interval Training that I usually get the players to do. Normally I have them do three sets. On Monday, I had them do only one set as I had other drills in mind for them to do as well.

Everybody uttered a huge sigh of relief when I said only one set for today cos they were already quite tired after one set. Perhaps they had not recovered yet from Saturday's super intense training.

I talked to them about the importance of mat edge play and emphasized how they should not allow their partners to force them to step outside the contest area.

Next, mat edge drills. Everyone was paired with a person more or less their size, and tori would try to push uke outside the contest area.

After the drills, I got them working on the Neil Adams juji-gatame roll.

Most of my players are already pretty good at it, even the beginners know how to do this roll, which is quite an advanced technique.

Wei Leong gives it a try.

During newaza drills everybody crashes into each other.

During the rolling juji drills, if tori is able to roll uke into a juji-gatame position, uke has to do 20 jumping jacks.

Next, I show them how to straighten the arm. It's not the first time I'm showing them this arm-lever move but many still don't quite get it.

Matthew, who is familiar with the arm lever, helps Zaki adjust his grip so he can get it to work.

Little Suan Wah trying to straighten his partner's arm.

Allowing your arm to get straighten means 20 sit ups.

Lots of people did sit up on Monday.

No exception. Even our guest had to do it after he got his arm straightened.

Exhausted is an understatement!

But there's still tachi-waza. I demonstrated the European-styled leg-lift ura-nage.

Before they started throwing, I got them to do ura-nage uchikomi with leg lift.

Little Suan Wah has become quite good at the leg lift ura-nage.

Matthew always gets great heights with this.

Nazrul seems like he's made to do ura-nage.
The session can't end without randori! Wei Leong gets his fair share of it.

The team applauds Wei Leong for getting through our session without puking!

Everybody say "Ippon!"

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