Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sunday Nite Training (15.10.17)

We had a great turnout on Sunday, with the regulars on the mat but also quite a few newcomers including one who travelled all the way from Kemaman, Terengganu to train with us.

Since we had a lot of beginners, we had them to do some breakfalls and forward rolls. Nigel led that.

Meanwhile, Ahmad led the slightly more experienced players do some judo push-ups.

Then I had them do some back stretches.

We played the "Syrian Zombie Game" which really gets the heartbeat going.

Syrian Zombie Game

Then the technical session began. We always start with newaza, then only followed by tachi-waza to instill the culture of newaza in our players. Judo players tend to prefer standing and many neglect newaza. On Sunday, we also did some gripping drills.

Technical Session

Sometimes, small injuries happen. In this case, mat burns on both knees.

We emphasize randori a lot and devote at least an hour to it.
We always end our training with randori

What a great group.
(Back Row, L to R) Andy, Oon, Alvinc, Mostafa, Ahmad, Xue Qian, Bo, Lau, Kenneth, Vincent, Wei Yin
(Front Row, L to R) Shen, Kim Mun, Nigel, Gavin, Reza, Kim Jingger, Jovenn

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