Sunday, January 14, 2018

Week 2: Sankaku-Jime & Ippon-Osoto

We had slightly fewer players on the mat this past Sunday as two of our members were sick and a few had to miss training due to work obligations. Still, we had a great session.

We started off with a new game of "Cat & Mouse" followed by "Hunger Games Cats".  Then I showed them some clips of Ilias Iliadis's amazing career. It's important for judo players to know who the legends of our sport are.

For newaza, we worked on sankaku again, this time for the strangle. This session went quite fast as most of the players are already familiar with the basic sankaku movement. Next week, we'll review sankaku one more time and then after that we'll move on to something new, probably juji-gatame.

Next up was ippon-osoto, or osoto-gari done from an ippon-seoi-nage grip. This was a move made famous by Cheng (CHN). Most of the players could get this one quite easily because they already knew ippon-seoi-nage. Next week we will do a drill that gets them to switch between ippon-seoi and ippon-osoto.

We had our usual randori towards the end of training, starting with newaza randori followed by tachi-waza randori. Then, we had shiai, something we haven't done in a while. It went over quite well. We must do more of these to get the players used to competition.

Overall, a really good session.

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