Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday 10/8/2015 (Kouchi Practice)

Monday nite was kouchi nite. We spent the whole session practicing kouchi-gari. 

We had a new player named Ruburn who was trying out judo for the first time. I paired him with Yau (yellow belt), who has some basic knowledge of judo. Here I am showing them how to do kouchi-gari from a kenka-yotsu situation.

I explain the intricacies of kouchi-gari -- a throw that requires finesse -- to Suan Wah, while Yau tries out the technique on Ruburn.

Derrick, who has a fractured collar bone, threw off his sling and got onto the mat. He couldn't resist and had to give kouchi a try!

He eventually even put on a judogi -- crazy fella -- but I restricted him to doing a one-handed drill only.

Much of the session was taken up working on the skipping kouchi-gari which is done from a kenka-yotsu situation. Towards the end, I got them to do kouchi-gake which is done from an extreme ai-yotsu situation.

Suan Wah, exhausted from all the kouchi-gari drills had decided that the crash pad would make for a nice bed.

The kouchi-gari gang, which includes two brand new players Ian and Ruburn, and one injured player, Derrick, who insisted on training despite nursing a fractured collar bone.

The Gecko gang have a farewell dinner for Derrick who will be going on a diet of pizza, burgers and hotdogs starting mid-August.

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