Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Elite Training Summary (20.12.17)

We started out by going over New IJF Rules for 2018 and how that's going to affect competition.

Then we did some analysis of our players' performance at the recent Fescom competition in Penang. I went over some tactics to foil drop seoi-nage and ways to prevent common osaekomi turnovers.

For drills, we started with Reverse Seoi-Nage. I gave the players an overview of this very unique throw and showed them clips of top Korean players using this technique (Lee Kyu-Won, Wang Ki-Chun, An Changrim & An Baul).

Next, I taught them the right grip for this throw. After that, it's the turning-in movement (which many people tend to get wrong). I explained that there were five different types of finishings (drop, roll, drive, throw and leg-assisted). Tori can't really dictate which one to use and that it very much depends on how uke reacts to the throw.

For newaza, we worked on the Matsumoto Roll. Again, we started by watching video clips and then we proceeded with the drills. Although most of them were new to this move, they picked it up quite fast. Many people have told me they can't make head or tail of this move even after watching it on video multiple times, so the fact that our players could get it down so fast is a positive sign.

Towards then end, I showed them the "Reverse Matsumoto Roll" that I saw World Champion Clarisse Agebegnenou of France use in a competition. Although we didn't practice this drill (I wanted to save it for a future session), a few of the players decided to try it and managed to do it quite well in no time at all. A very positive sign indeed. 

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