Thursday, May 3, 2018

Progressing at a steady clip

Our Sunway class is progressing steadily. This is only the start of the second month of training for these players and they've already learned some basic hold-downs, several throws and for the first time, a strangle.

I taught them the traditional form of koshi-jime, which is a pretty basic (although very effective strangle). Most of them managed to learn it quite fast. We also revised kesa-gatame and yoko-shiho-gatame before we moved to standing.

For standing, we worked on koshi-guruma, which is similar to ogoshi in a way except the grip is around uke's neck. The players took to that quite well too. They were told to do uchikomi followed by a throw onto the crash pad.

Then we moved on to randori. I am a big proponent of randori and I've had these students do randori from Day 1. We are very careful and always have an experienced player on the mat to partner with the beginners. So far, so good. The players get to try their techniques and they managed to get some fun out of the training. The best part of training is, after all, the randori.

The club has a steady group of enthusiastic members and that's important. I look forward to the coming weeks and months as the players continue to develop into strong judokas and as the club continues to grow from strength to strength.

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