Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Wed Nite Competition Training (27.9.17)

We started out with newaza, as usual. I got the guys to do the Neil Adams juji-gatame roll without resistance. Then, I asked them to do it with resistance.

Next up was submission exercises. First is the Figure-4 clamp that puts pressure on uke's arm. It doesn't usually lead to submission but it can cause uke to release his grip so you can straighten it. After that we did a simple arm straightening exercise where you pull towards uke's head. It usually works. But if uke is particularly strong and this approach doesn't work, there's always the arm lever which is hard to resist. Lastly, we worked on the Ecky-gatame hold that can be done from a juji-gatame position.

For tachi-waza, we worked on sumi-gaeshi, a sacrifice throw that is a lot easier to learn than tomoe-nage which requires more finesse. There are a few important points to this throw. Firstly, you must get a high grip and get uke bent over. Secondly you must commit to sitting down in a sacrificing motion. Thirdly as you rotate uke over, you must turn onto your front and end, ideally, in an osaekomi position.

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