Friday, August 25, 2017

2017 KL SEA Games: Men's -66kg

Latest Update: Chong is in the final. He will be going up against the Indonesian Raharjo. His opponent is 30 years old so Chong has got youth on his side.


It's about 1 hour before the competition starts. There's just one mat area so it should be easy to follow the competition. There are three contests today, Men's -66kg, Men's -73kg and Women's -63kg. Let's look at Malaysia's prospects on Day One beginning with the -60kg.

Men's -66kg
Our fighter Chong Wei Fu is a SEA Games bronze medalist but at -73kg. He has since moved back down to -66kg. That could be a blessing or a curse depending on how you look at it. It's a blessing because obviously the -66kg players are not physically as strong as the -73kg players. But it could be a curse because he's had to cut a considerable amount of weight.

Chong's Opponent
Chong is in Pool D and his first fight is against a Laotian player Manivanh Lamphan. Not much is known about this player. He is relatively young at 18 and does not have much international experience.

However, together with his teammates, he has been training hard in Japan and Austria. In contrast, Chong has been training in Mongolia. Between the two, Chong has more competition experience and this can be considered a good draw for him.

 If Chong gets through his first round, he will either meet Ace Ang of Singapore or Huynh Nhat Thong of Vietnam.

Ace has a much harder draw than Chong. His opponent Huynh, 27, is very experienced and has competed in the World Junior Championships, World Championships, Asian Games and several Asian Championships. Ace has not had much international experience but he has youth on his side.

Pools A and B are much harder with Pool A seeing Indonesia going against the Philippines. Pool B has Thailand against Myanmar.

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