Sunday, February 14, 2016

Upcoming Lessons: Sankaku Masterclass

This is the syllabus for the upcoming Sankaku Masterclass I plan to conduct in late March. It will probably be spread over 5 sessions.

Session I
Yoko Sankaku
a) Entry
- Belt Jerk
- Belt & Skirt Grip
- Side Belt Grip (Gut Wrench)
b) Fall to the side
c) Keylock
- Palms Up
- Palms Down
d) Adjusting Position for Strangle
- Arm Yank
- Leg Kick

(a) Strangle
- Leg Only
- Lapel Grip
- Own Leg Grip
- Uke's Leg Grip
b) Armlock
c) Pin
- Kami-Shiho (Left Hand Grab... Keylock Intact)
- Kami-Shiho (Right Hand Grab... Keylock Lost)
- Kami-Shiho (Loose Version)
- Yoko-Shiho (Keylock Intact)
- Yoko-Shiho (Keylock Switch)

Session II
Situational Variations
- Briggs Sankaku
- Against Standing Up


-    Arm Block (Pre-Empting)
-    Leg Trap (Avoiding Osaekomi)

Session III
Nakamura Sankaku
a) Entry
- Double Leg Action
- Lapel Grip Entry
- Leg Withdrawal Entry
b) Completion
- Partial Roll
- Total Roll

Session IV
Common Variations
- Off the Back
- Straddling

Session V
Unusual Variations
- Juji-Sankaku
- Huizinga Roll
- Leg Sankaku

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