Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Wed Nite Training 13.8.17

Our Sunday night trainings are popular and we have a really good mix of players, young and old, who get to learn basic judo techniques and do some sparring (randori) and mock competitions (shiai).

Recently a few more competition-minded players have joined the club and asked for training with a more competition-oriented focus. I've been conducting some competition training for a couple of our core players. These were more like personal coaching sessions than a proper class.

So, when a small group of players requested competition training classes, I decided to conduct one on Wednesday. The group was a lot smaller than Sunday's and the training was very different. There was a lot of focus on grip fighting, strategy and, of course, competition-oriented techniques. We also watched video clips of real-life competition moments, which I used to illustrate certain points that I wanted to get across.

Here was last night's program:
a) Rolling Practice
b) Leg-Insertion Shimewaza
c) Grip Fighting Strategies
d) Side Takedown
e) Belt Wrestling
f) Piggyback Randori

The training went over well and we'll try to do this on a more regular basis. With any luck, a competition team might emerge out of this.

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